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A Systems Solution for
Human Capital Development

Today, HR professionals are expected to excel at so many different tasks and on ever-tighter budgets. In addition, ever-increasing compliance issues now take a bigger chunk out of your day.  You want to ensure that you are a strong, strategic business partner that brings a  system-wide, core-competency solution for bottom-line strength in human capital.

But, can you bring a program that:

  • Assures technically smart individuals can function as successful leaders?
  • Attracts, retains and supports promoting the best and brightest?
  • Administers Performance Management consistently so that it truly promotes changes in critical leadership competencies?
  • Addresses Succession Planning successfully?
  • Leverages building a Coaching Culture?
  • Addresses needs for a Career Development Program?

The Skill Kit for Leaders™ is the answer to these challenges.

A blended-learning, "One-Stop Shop" for Talent Management and Leadership Development, the SKL is a budget-friendly, comprehensive program containing 42 Self-Study Competency Building Resource units. Completely customizable to your organization's core-competencies, but based on the Harvard Leadership Studies, implementation in your organization can be quickly adapted to support your HR and Leadership Competency-Building programs.


A Systems Approach to Leadership Development: Working 'Real-Time' Issues Within an Organization from Both the Client and Provider's Perspective